For each of the diary derived outcomes, however, we included only diaries in which all the items relevant to the calculation of the given outcome were completed. The daytime symptom score and night time symptom score were analysed in a log scale, with comparisons reported as geometric mean ratios. Analyses were performed using generalised estimating equations to allow for correlation among repeated observations collected from participants contributing multiple episodes of acute asthma.21 Dichotomous outcomes such as health resource use were compared between treatment arms, with odds ratios obtained from logistic regression models fitted using the generalised estimating equations method.

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pandora jewelry The lack of association with disease severity can lead all too often to a scenario where the doctor perceives PBC to be well controlled because of improved liver biochemistry, whereas the patient finds this apparently well controlled disease is still giving them life altering fatigue.Equally critically, in PBC there is no evidence to suggest that fatigue is a result of depression or associated comorbidity, neither of which are seen at increased frequency in the disease. Despite this, there is a tendency for clinicians to make assumptions about the presence of depression simply because a patient is fatigued. This assumption can further challenge the patient physician relationship and can lead to a pattern of clinical “buck passing” as the various clinicians involved in the management of these often complex cases argue that the fatigue is “not my problem” (although, of course, it always remains the patient’s problem).As our work on mechanisms of fatigue in PBC leads towards specific therapies (our group has shown cardiac, skeletal muscle, and a range of other biological associates of fatigue in PBC and is about to commence trials of therapy, delivered in an always supportive environment that seeks to help patients to understand their problem and to cope with its impacts) there is a new hope for fatigued PBC patients pandora jewelry.