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Archive:  September, 2012

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For two years, city watcher Ron Bolin has fought a decision by

Traditionally, quarterbacks and injured players wear different color jerseys as a reminder to teammates that they are not to be hit. They asked about it, so I don’t care,” coach Bill Belichick said. It’s fine. For two years, city watcher Ron Bolin has fought a decision by the city to black out a video recording […]

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Within a two block radius of Portland’s streetcar system, $2

Then, in January, Sugar Hill Dairy’s full time calf feeder quit. After months of falling milk prices, Ashley and Steve had to decide whether they could afford to fill the position. They decided they could not. God could have brought you into this world at any time, but you are here and now in one […]

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You’ll be prepared, up to date, and connected to what’s going

Maingear has a new high powered notebook making the rounds today, and it’s called the Pulse 15 Pro. As its names implies, the Pulse 15 Pro has a 15 inch frame, and brings with its an all metal alloy construction to help keep down the weight an exude quality throughout. The Pulse Pro is available […]

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Sem napite komentIt was only after the partition of Poland

Of all the products I’ve reviewed for TR in the last year, Asus’ Xonar DG has to be one of my favorites. We’ve long lauded the benefits of discrete sound cards for anyone with an appreciation for high fidelity audio, and the DG is a pretty exceptional example of the breed. The card couples superb […]

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16 Owing to the lack of a high resolution camera on IML 2

It is, however, a good way to start a home wine business or at least get your foot in the door of the wine business world. If someone tries to start such a business by themselves, they would have to negotiate rates with wineries, see if the wines could even be imported to their state, […]

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I know that’s unusual for a kicker to be a team leader

I know that’s unusual for a kicker to be a team leader, but he’s not your average kicker and I think everybody in this room already knows that. I really feel good about where we’re at going into spring. Once you get to spring and you put the pads on specifically, usually a couple of […]

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