Tech is upgrading stadium for $40MThe new press box and suites will run $16.7 million with an additional $2.1 million invested toward stadium improvements like LED lighting, a permanent west side ticket booth, renovations to the bathroom and “aesthetic” improvements to stadium entrances.Plans for production upgrades still ongoingWhen C USA’s new TV deal was announced in the summer, Tech, along with several other member schools, explored the option of in house production for sporting events in order to create its own telecasts.McClelland called those plans “ongoing” after Tech brought in outside parties to assess and determine how much it would cost to upgrade equipment.The costs to have a studio and upgrade camera equipment would run several hundred thousand dollars, McClelland said.”Obviously, we knew it would be expensive and that’s what we got. From our standpoint, what we’re trying to do is work with our local multimedia rights partner, which is Learfield Sports, and try to figure out a way where we can maybe partner for them in order to launch this platform,” he said. “Those conversations are going.

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