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Archive:  February, 2012

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He had hopes it would be a success here

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They are said to have great traction in all seasons

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Inditex’s gross profit margin missed analyst expectations

Her name was Sarah. They put Alex on it. They put the basketball and soccer (patches) on it and gave it to me for Christmas. Stone was at the bookstore in Waterside Shops to promote his new book, “Nixon’s Secrets,” its release timed to coincide with the 40th anniversary of President Nixon’s resignation in disgrace […]

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We defined non severe pneumonia as a respiratory rate of 50

One day conversions are particularly controversial because under Israel’s law of return any Jew is eligible to apply for Israeli citizenship. His fees are all suggested donations pandora necklaces, which go into the synagogue fund. Wedding services are between $360 $500; individual conversions are $500 and up, group conversions cost $360 $500 for each person. […]

Inn the Bush

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Inn the Bush

Not long after, I met my wife, Roeni, and we decided we wanted to live somewhere that always has the feeling of a tropical vacation so I found this mountainous jungle/bush. Hmm, where else can you get away from the hustle of town but not too far and relax some 20 hours of the day? In(n) The Bush!

Bottom Time

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Bottom Time

Centrally located in San Pedro one mile south of town on the pier at The Villas at Banyan Bay. All tours and excursions depart from both locations. Our dive boats are fast and range from 29-38 ft. with twin outboards. If requested Canopy covered. Maximum 8-10 divers per boat. All dive excursions are accompanied by 1 Dive Master and a Guide. At all times we observe safe diving practices and then a lot of fun. The Town of San Pedro maintains a hyperbaric chamber located behind the San Pedro Airstrip.

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