And we spent five years working for these three places. Then Ogaan happened. This was an extremely slow and steady progress that we were doing. Here the view I get from my Uniden Lullaboo Digital Wireless Baby Monitor, as perched atop my DIY crown moulding wall shelf. I love the fact that I can see in color everything that happens in the vicinity of the crib. And with this particular model, I can be as far away as 500 feet and still stay as connected to my baby as if I were beside the crib myself..

David Cameron is that guy who was the British prime minister until about 15 minutes ago but couldn’t handle the deathmess he created and quit. More importantly, he’s the guy that allegedly had sex with a pig head while he was at university. Now that he’s stepped down from office, he might have holed himself up in an ancient and little known castle that has members’ only access for men who hate minorities but love pigs, called Pigots Pavilion..

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What, I ask Don Hahn, does that mean? there a lot more beneath at the surface, replies Maleficent Executive Producer. Digging deeper into the heart of this character, and [into] what makes her tick and makes her who she is. That what attracted us to her to begin with.

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